“The Battle on the river Neretva “, also known under a German code name „Fall Weiss“,  was the strategic plan of The Axis forces against the Yugoslav partisan movement on today’s territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The attacks began on January 20th, 1943, and partisans were largely outnumbered in it. The Axis forces had 127 000 soldiers, strong artillery, tanks, and 15 warplanes, comparing to partisan’s 18 000 soldiers. Axis’ strong attacks started in north-western Bosnia and part of today’s Croatia, and partisans were forced to retreat. They pulled back all the way to south-east, to the river Neretva. On their way, they carried almost 4 000 wounded soldiers with them! That’s why this battle is often called „The most human battle in WW II“. Even now, if you visit Jablanica, you will see the sign „We cannot leave the wounded“, words of the president of Yugoslavia Josip Broz Tito.




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