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The 10 BEST Free Walking Tours in Aragon

The Best Free Walking Tours and Pub Crawls

Aragon landscape

Introduction to Aragon

Located in northeastern Spain, Aragon is a captivating region known for its stunning natural landscapes, rich history, and charming medieval towns. Walking tours in Aragon offer a unique way to explore the region’s beauty and immerse yourself in its vibrant culture. Whether you are a nature lover, history enthusiast, or simply seek an authentic experience, Aragon has something to offer to everyone.

Best Walking Routes in Aragon

The Pyrenees

Known for their majestic peaks and breathtaking views, the Pyrenees offer endless opportunities for walking and hiking. The Ordesa and Monte Perdido National Park is a must-see destination, with its dramatic canyons, waterfalls, and abundant wildlife. The GR 11 trail, which spans the entire Pyrenees, provides a challenging but rewarding experience for advanced hikers.

Towns and Villages

Aragon boasts numerous picturesque towns and villages that are perfect for leisurely strolls. Alquezar, with its narrow medieval streets and impressive Collegiate Church, is a popular choice. In Albarracin, you can explore its well-preserved medieval walls and admire the colorful wooden balconies. Teruel, with its Mudéjar architecture and charming squares, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site not to be missed.

Monasteries and Castles

Exploring the monasteries and castles in Aragon provides a glimpse into its history and architecture. The Monasterio de Piedra, surrounded by lush gardens, boasts stunning waterfalls and caves. The Castle of Loarre, perched on a hilltop, offers panoramic views of the surrounding countryside. The Aljaferia Palace in Zaragoza showcases the exquisite Moorish influence.

Preparing for a Walking Tour in Aragon

Footwear and Clothing

Choosing the right footwear is essential for a comfortable walking tour. Opt for sturdy hiking boots with good ankle support to navigate uneven terrain. Layer your clothing to accommodate changing weather conditions, and don’t forget a waterproof jacket and hat.

Water and Snacks

Carry a reusable water bottle to stay hydrated during your walking tour. Aragon’s sunny climate and physical activity can lead to dehydration. Pack energy-boosting snacks such as nuts, dried fruit, and granola bars to keep you energized throughout the day.

Maps and Navigation

Before embarking on a walking tour, obtain detailed maps or guidebooks to help navigate the trails and understand the points of interest. Familiarize yourself with trail markers and carry a compass or GPS device for additional guidance.

Safety Considerations

While walking in Aragon’s wilderness is generally safe, it is important to take precautions. Inform someone about your itinerary and estimated return time. Carry a basic first aid kit and be aware of any potential risks like steep cliffs or slippery paths. Always follow local regulations to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience.


Walking tours in Aragon offer a fantastic opportunity to explore the region’s natural beauty, immerse yourself in its history, and experience its vibrant culture. Whether you choose to hike in the Pyrenees, wander through charming towns, or visit historical sites, Aragon will captivate you with its charm. So put on your walking shoes and embark on an unforgettable journey through the picturesque landscapes of Aragon!

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