Free Walking Tours in Florence

Free Tours in Florence

Florence, one of Tuscany’s – if not all of Italy’s – most attractive cities, is a place to immerse yourself in history, art, and architecture. The world-famous Uffizi Gallery has paintings by Leonardo Da Vinci and Michelangelo, as well as stunning sites like the Ponte Vecchio and the Boboli Gardens, making it the cradle of the Renaissance. At Be Original Tours, we believe you deserve the opportunity to have the best experience in any European city, and we would like to extend a warm welcome to you. With a full range of tours including our free walking tours, and our nightlife tours, travellers, and holidaymakers of all ages can discover the wonders of the city by day or night with our fun guides.

Free Walking Tours

Florence has a much slower pace than any other cities in Rome. Despite being a metropolis, it is more tranquil than some of Italy’s other equally tourist-friendly destinations. Sure, there are automobiles and scooters attempting to get from one location to another, but the city center is primarily populated by pedestrians who wander the streets for pleasure, window shop, eat gelato slowly, or enjoy a lovely day while conversing and people watching in a piazza. Join us on one of our free Florence walking tours to explore this fun city by day!

Free Alternative Tours

Given its medieval and Enlightenment histories, it’s hardly unexpected that Florence has a plethora of buried secrets and scandals to uncover. Our Free Original Alternative Florence Tours will take a tour of the Palazzo Medici to learn about how the Medici family fuelled the Renaissance by making a fortune in commerce and banking and producing four popes; you can also hear about how Michelangelo was discovered and why Hitler opted not to destroy the Ponte Vecchio during World War II. Florence holds incredible mysteries to be discovered, and the greatest thing is that it is a beautifully preserved city where you will feel as if you have stepped back in time. With our Free Alternative Florence Tours, we will bring you just that!

Pub Crawls

Florence is one of the nicest places in Italy to visit for a night out. It is not just extremely safe, but it also has several exciting locations where travellers can go out European-style. Florence has the venues for you, whether you want to spend the evening making new acquaintances or unwinding with a glass of wine.
The Blob Club is the place to go if you want to relax while also having a good time. This is a popular hangout for folks who like to sit and talk with their friends or who want to get down on the dance floor. Grab a drink from the bar and alternate between visiting the dance floor and upstairs foosball. Join our Florence Pub Crawls to explore more!

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Our guides are the best in the business. They will also talk about where to find good restaurants, fun bars, live music, or the best clubs. Our guides are active in the city and can provide some great insider knowledge. So come with a group or come alone, this is a social tour and there will be plenty of time to make new friends!


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