Bremen Free Original Walking Tour

Discover the Free Hanseatic City-State of Bremen

A momentous opportunity to explore Bremen city through this Free Walking Tour. Locate the most talked about places that surround the state and personally experience the joy of perceiving its beauties as we let you dive into its historic roots and struggles of survival and how it managed to flourish until the present time and how it contributes to the city’s image and  economy. Know each of them by heart and experience the energy it gives 

All about Bremen

Located in the northwestern side of Germany, this city is considered as one of the largest ports that Germany has and ranked as one of the country’s biggest cities. The has ancient interconnection of shipping, foreign trade , and industry that defines its economic state now. Bremen is also known for producing local steel for its own local steelwork of its shipbuilding industry. Banks and insurance companies, a stock exchange , and cotton- and tobacco-marketing centres are also encircling the city.

Bremen has a striking admixture of medieval and modern architecture. It also holds one of UNESCO World Heritage Sites such as The Gothic Town Hall with a Renaissance façade and the symbol of market rights and imperial jurisdiction which is the statue of Roland. In the reestablished center of the city, in the Old Town or Altstadt placed the rebuilt after the Worth War II are the famous marketplace with its 11th-century cathedral and the magnificent row of old gabled houses, and the modern-style Parliament.

Why Join This Free Original Walking Tour

  • As a way of giving you worthwhile layoff in this city, this tour aims to accomplish pleasing and relaxing experience but fun at the same time
  • We picked the best of the top stop around the state to show and introduce to you, a view worthy sight you will see and experience
  • Friendly and reasonable price that are perfectly appropriate for the experience of service, learning experience, and satisfying leisure
  • Our guide are best on the field who always bring something unique for their outpost and consistently prioritizing the guest satisfaction
  • Our system are well generated for a convenient and easy inquiries and booking to all our guest and won’t take so much of time
  • A chance for socialization with other guest, new learnings of the city’s culture and traditions as well additional experience on your travel journals




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