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8 Amazing Locations to take Stunning Pictures in Paris

8 Amazing Locations to take Stunning Pictures in Paris

Paris is one of the dream destinations for all the inspiring and professional photographers. The city is known for its flawless beauty and breathtaking sceneries, where you can connect your soul with the art of photography. Every street you visit has a uniqueness of its own. It is one of these reasons why Paris is listed among the best photo locations in the world.

8 locations to take stunning pictures in Paris

  1. Pont Alexandre III Bridge:

paris photo

This location is a dandy for taking picture-perfect photos. The beauty of this place can only be described by a true photographer. Pont Alenxandre III is surrounded with nymphs, cherubs, grandiose lampposts and the sides are painted with pastel blue hue to give it a stunning look. To suggest you something, if you stand by the riverside and click a picture with the bridge in the background, you are surely going to convince many admirers for your art.

  1. Eiffel Tower:

eifel tower photography

It is one of the world renowned locations which never fall short of tourists from the globe. Standing on the square from Place de Trocadéro gives you a perfect framework for your picture. If you wish to click pictures at a peaceful time, plan your visit during an off season or visit the place at an off-peak hour. As a tip, pictures clicked with the early morning sunrise are going to grab you many awards.

  1. Sacré Coeur:

pic in paris

The milky white dome of the classic basilica allures your camera to fantasize the Parisian sky. If you have sharp eyes to catch the beauty, you would see the view spreading all over the city. For superior pictures, the best shot can be planned from the bottom of the stairs going upwards.

  1. Notre Dame Cathedral:

where to photography paris

Not all corners will give you perfect pictures, but if you know the right angel, you are surely going to beat your competitors in photography. The best shot can be taken from Ile St Louis. You may stand towards the cathedral. More scenic beauty in your pictures, take shots with the greenery in the background.

  1. The Louvre:

paris photography 1

If you are lucky enough, you may see the red lightning bolt running down from the tip of the pyramid. It usually happens during summer. It is one of the prominent locations for taking some perfect pictures. Every corner of the place gives you an amazing unique view.

  1. Arc de-Triomphe:

paris photo 1

The view from the roof of the Arc de-Triomphe is simply breathtaking to click some faultless pictures. Clicking a few pictures of this 200 year old structure is truly worth capturing. Although, there are some restrictions like tripods not allowed, the security is fairly flexible in allowing good photographers. You may use the zoom feature to check some good shots.

  1. Tour Montparnasse:

paris photography where

The views from the top of this corner are magnificent. It assures you some beautiful pictures of Paris. If you wish to eliminate the reflection, adjust your lens and take a few panoramic views. The terrace on the roof takes you to a different world of photography. Be assured that you will get completed and polished pictures from the terrace with only little efforts.

  1. Pont des Arts Bridge:

paris photo 3

Pont des Arts is one of the famous bridges in Paris that crosses the River Seine. The nine-arch metallic bridge is good enough to take some finished pictures. The iconic beauty of this bridge is preserved well to conduct various art exhibitions. It also welcomes the tourists to spend their summer picnic plans.

It will be good to keep the dos and don’ts handy for photography in Paris:

phto paris last

  • There are certain sceneries and corners, which may be restricted for the outsiders. It is wise to confirm with the staff rather feeling embarrassed for being refrained from clicking pictures.
  • It is not ethical to click pictures of women without their permission. Some of them may also want to be paid for being photographed.
  • Some locals may show suspicious eyes for strangers. It is because they are not prone to see many people coming for photography in secluded areas. Scrutinize the area before you practice your art.
  • Paris is the ultimate destination for photography and you must keep exploring the new areas to discover your journey in this skill. 

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