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The London Nightlife Music Guide

The London Nightlife Music Guide

The environment of music in London

If you are a music buff, London promises to magnetize and captivate you by its musical nights. From live music to recorded albums, you have an array of genres, artists and venues to harmonize your soul. London is a hub of bizarre clubs, pubs and theatres to shake you spirits all night long.

Traveling to London can get more exciting if you have learnt the city’s night life music guide well. The various venues specialize in their own genre of music such as; Jazz, Urban, Rock Music, Folk Music and a few more.

When you talk about music in London, consider the famous bands such as; The Rolling Stones and Oasis. They are major hits even today and perhaps, the most demanded bands of the season. Such bands are inspiration to those young artists and aspiring musicians, who wish to dedicate their lives in intriguing others by their musical notes.

Night at the Bars

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Although most of the pubs and bars close at 11 pm, there are some pubs that create thrill by their enchanting music until 8 am under special permit. Most of the parts in London will hypnotize you by their traditional ambience and interiors. The intention behind is to provide their guests the experience of authentic British lifestyle. This does not exempt the locals to experiment with the trend. To name a few; The Sanderson Hotel, Nobu, and Cocoon set perfect examples of bars with a swanky style.

Music venues can be sorted according to the likes and preferences:

Folk Music Genre

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The folk music clubs and bars will enrapture your interest for music.

Music venues for Folk Music:

  • Betsey Trotwood
  • The Slaughtered Lamb
  • The King & Queen
  • Green Note
  • Kings Place
  • The Grosvenor
  • The Magnolia
  • The North Star
  • Bush Hall

Jazz Music Genre

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The voguish attitude of Jazz music artists will leave you mesmerized.

Music venues for Jazz Music:

  • Café Oto
  • Ray’s Jazz at Foyles
  • Vortex Jazz Club
  • Luna Lounge
  • 606

Urban/City Music Genre

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Create magic with your footsteps at the various clubs in your own hip hop style.

Music venues for Urban/City Music:

  • Jazz Café
  • Notting Hill Arts Club
  • Plan B
  • Rhythm Factory
  • Plastic People

Rock Music Genre

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Rock music is not meant to make a rendezvous. It is to live life on your terms and rock the world on your beats.

Music venues for Rock Music:

  • Madame JoJo’s
  • Barfly
  • Buffalo Bar
  • Electric Ballroom
  • Koko
  • The Garage/Upstairs at The Garage
  • 93 Feet East
  • Cargo
  • The Macbeth
  • The Old Blue Last
  • Rough Trade East
  • Xoyo
  • Jamm

The list of the above bars will give you flair about the conversion of music in London.

Quick Bits for the Nightlife in London

All you party people and music freaks need to know the rules of the music world in London. Although, rules are meant to be broken, it holds some fun if you follow them. From super public clubs to private corners, London is loaded with a vast range of night out places. We bet that the nightlife of the city will break your couch potato attitude and make you a hardcore night rider.

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Remember a few rules when you enter the night life of London:

  • Remember that you are special and so you need to dress special.


  • Use your confidence, while you dance on the floor or appreciate the artists.


  • London city welcomes people with guts.


  • It is always safe to go with a gang of friends. When we say gang of friends, make sure that you don’t leave your gang even for a moment and stick to the group.


  • Take advantage of the offers as they are real offers or you may miss some great deals.


  • Accept compliments and learn to compliment in return.


  • It is perfectly okay to say no to the promoters. You live in your comforts and learn to speak up for yourself.


  • Do not mess with the bouncer even if you are drunk. They are as friendly as you could imagine, but, they are professionals at the clubs and bars.


  • You are in London, just enjoy mate!

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