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Be Original Belgrade Tours

Be Original Tours in Belgrade

Free Tours of Belgrade

Welcome to Belgrade, home of Original Free Belgrade Tours. The capital of Serbia, where the Danube and the Sava rivers join. This beautiful city boasts some of the best scenic views in eastern Europe. Belgrade also hosts some significant historical landmarks, from the Beogradska Tvrđava, to the numerous museums and statues around the city. 

Join us on one of our free Belgrade walking tours to learn your way around the city and some of its best cultural spots. Visit some historical hot spots or get off the beaten path with the Original Belgrade Alternative Free Tours. Or check out the Original Belgrade Pub Crawls to see some of the best nightlife the city has to offer. 

If you only take one tour in Belgrade, take this one! The Original Free Belgrade Alternative Tour has been created out of the pure passion for sharing knowledge.

Belgrade has a very long history. The Romans were here. So were the Ottomans. The city was fought over countless times as it was handed back and forth between various powers. All the different cultures that have inhabited Belgrade over the centuries have contributed to the local people becoming a mix of cultures all coming together to create the Serbian Melting Pot.

The city was once the capital of Yugoslavia, a strong and powerful nation. After Yugoslavia’s collapse, it was “forgotten” in part due to wars and political conflicts.

This provided an ideal ground for an “alternative” scene to develop. Belgrade has its own original and unique character that has to be experienced first-hand.

Locals and expats alike have chosen come here to live their lives a bit differently than the norm. They contribute to the city’s unique atmosphere. You will see the people here are friendly, eager to get to know you and show you around their town.

From re-purposed buildings to the many murals that have gone up around the town.

On this Free walking tour, you will explore forgotten shopping malls, street galleries hidden in small alleys, the creative District of Savamala and more sights not found in your average travel book.

Get the best tips on where to find live music, what club to go to and where to eat.

Our local free tour guides love to share this alternative side of the city with you, in a fun, social, and informative environment. They really live for this stuff and we bet, you will see why!

Be Original Tours in Belgrade


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