Free Liverpool Alternative Street Art Tour

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Explore the Best of Liverpool Street Art

Our Free Liverpool street art tour seeks to expose you to the world of art that lies in Liverpool. It gives you the freedom to explore the streets of Liverpool freely without boundaries. Discover the art and immerse yourself in their raw expression of artistry. The UK is known for its graffiti and beautiful sculptures, Liverpool is one of the places where you can find this in full expression.

Discover true artistic gems and be sure to ask the tour guide for the story behind it all. They will be sure to tell you all about the significance of the art and the message it is trying to pass. Liverpool’s street is filled with underappreciated art and on this tour, we hope to expose you to the beauty of it all.

TIP: If you are looking for the best nightclubs in this city, the best restaurants, and great live music, we have got you covered.  Of course, this experience won’t be complete if you don’t join us for our nightly Free Liverpool Pub Crawl. Come experience the life of the city at nighttime.

N.B.: The tour may take one of the several routes through the city depending on the guide, the needs of the group, and the weather on the day.




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