Mijas Free Alternative Street Art Tour

Explore Mijas in a Different Lens

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  • Destinations of Interest: Only the cities finest destinations, will be explored and we know every corner with notable art or monuments.
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  • Enthusiastic tour guides: Each tour guide brings enthusiasm and passion on tour and it reflects throughout the tour.
  • Breathtaking views: When touring, breathtaking views are a must-see.
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What better way to spend a short time in a city than to explore it through a different lens

The city is known for its depth of traditions and culture. On this tour, you will enjoy the discovery of the city’s alternative culture and street art. Through every street and district, we will bring to you hidden treasures and underappreciated art we know you would love.

The exemplary art exhibited in this city never ceases to amaze both locals and travelers alike. Our tour guide will take you on a journey through time and creativity as you explore, art from the old age and the new. Feel free to ask them any questions you may have and listen as they entertain you with their own share of the wealth of wisdom.

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Of course, this experience will only be complete if you join us at night for our pub crawl to be part of the bouncing nightlife!

N.B.: The tour may take one of the several routes through the city depending on the guide, the needs of the group, and the weather on the day.




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